The Tzolkin is the 'universal creation matrix'

The growing interest in the Tzolkin

The interest in the Tzolkin, the Sacred Maya Calendar is growing by the day. More and more people feel drawn towards the wisdom that is hidden in this calendar. The old culture of the Maya knew a great diversity that was especially stimulated by the regional influences and traditions of the different Maya tribes. The Maya in the highlands of Guatemala for example had a different approach towards this sacred calendar than the tribes of the Yucatán Peninsula. These two approaches are two different interpretations of the same belief, the belief that there is only one God and that everything that is created, is connected to Him. The Maya translated the universal creative energy that pulses through the entire cosmos to a matrix that is based on the key numbers 13 and 20. This matrix was called the Tzolkin, which literally means the counting of the kin. A Kin indicates a time unit of for example a day, a year or a century. The Tzolkin with her 20 sun signs and 13 numbers is the common denominator of all the different approaches and philosophies of this sacred calendar.

The Tzolkin attracts many people from across the globe. With the aid of the Tzolkin they become inspired to discover the mystery of creation itself. That is what it is all about according to us. When everybody is searching it creates motion in the evolution process and thus the global consciousness can be lifted to a higher level. We all have to be alert though that no new ideologies are being created. After all, through polarisation and separatism the way to oneness will be blocked. All the approaches of the Tzolkin and the different point of views to reach insight stimulate the development of consciousness. Every idea or interpretation, in the end, comes from the all encompassing and all penetrating cosmic field, from that one Source. Everybody is free to interpret the word of God for him or herself. Ultimately there is only one truth, the All-That-Is that manifests itself in ‘I AM’.

Universal creation-matrix

The Tzolkin is constantly spinning along in the background of everything that happens. This Matrix is the weaving pattern of creation beyond time and space. It is the code that through its harmonious number relations and archetypal expressiveness reveals the memory of the Heart of ‘All-That-Is’. The password to unlock this code is Love. Love to deal responsibly, from your place, with the unlimited possibilities. The discoveries in the field of quantum physics clearly show that matter is penetrated by consciousness and that everything is possible at the same time. Only intention, your intention, determines which possibilities will be revealed to you. 

scheppmatrix   The Tzolkin represents the universal order. Every kin of the Tzolkin relates to all other kin. The Tzolkin compares to a knotted fishnet. When you touch one kin, one mesh of the net, the rest will resonate.. Every Kin may be viewed as the access to the whole of the Tzolkin, every part is equal to the whole. It is the one in the many and the many in the one.  Equality created by the realisation of being connected. The essence of the Maya consciousness is that Time is not an absolute entity but should be viewed as relative.

Time is waiting to be discovered by you, as the zero, the void, but at the same time as unlimited possibility. That is why the growing of your awareness is the fertilisation of your potential.

The different approaches

The Long Count, originated in Guatemala, brings the end of the present cycle of 5200 years into the picture. This ending has been transformed by the Western world to the Gregorian year 2012. The Maya do not talk about this year but talk about the transfer from the Fourth Sun to the Fifth Sun without referring to a specific date. Carl Johan Calleman has based his assumption on the Long Count. However, because he did not agree with what the inscriptions of the Maya denoted,  he brought the starting date of this count forward with 420 days. That is why, according to him, the present Great Cycle will end in October 2011. José Argüelles who has developed the so-called ‘13-mooncalendar of peace’ and the ‘Dreamspell’ and has founded the Planet Art Network (PAN) bases his approach on the count from Yucatán. On this basis he links the Tzolkin and the solar year of 365 days. This has resulted in a cycle of 52 years , called the ‘Calendar Round’. A cycle that has been of great significance to the Maya and still is. They have kept track of the solar year via the so-called ‘Haab’- calendar.

Searching for the synthesis

The approaching end of the present Great Cycle announces the birth of a new era, the Golden Era, the era of love and peace. This is for Barbara and me the reason to search for the synthesis between the Long Count and the Calendar Round.

We have come into this life to learn how we can transcend matter to the higher dimensions. The binding factor between those two basic assumptions is the spiral with her number 13. This number stands for rebirth in a higher dimension. Imagine when you were still living in paradise, were you conscious of paradise? Probably not because otherwise the fruit of the tree of knowledge wouldn’t have been so appealing. The ‘forbidden’ knowing is the knowledge about death, the knowledge that life and death are united. You have to die to become conscious about life. You have to reincarnate to experience life with its polarity, separated from the Source. Separated from the Source you will not see life and death as a unity, but as two different forces. Here on earth you will have to learn the lesson of living with the polarity. Here you are, here on earth and what do you do now? What is your way back to paradise? Doesn’t this path reveal itself the moment you transcend the polarity and thus having conquered fear of death? In this image you can perceive three paths, which can be seen as the three legs of a triangle.

  1. The path of the unconscious completeness from paradise (the Source) to the conscious incompleteness, the earthly incarnation in the polarity;
  2. The path of birth and growth in this earthly life, life with the polarity and the state of conscious incompleteness;
  3. The path of the state of the conscious incompleteness to the state of conscious completeness in paradise, back to the Source.

With this a triangle has emerged that we simply call the Triangle which actually serves as a model of the reincarnation-spiral. The three legs of this triangle speak the language of the Tzolkin.

The soul set free

The approach on the basis of the Long Count shows you the energetic reason of your decision to incarnate in this earthly life. We call it your Source-imprint. Now, nearly 13 baktuns (5200 year) ago, the intention of the Source was anchored in earthly time. The Popol Vuh (the sacred book of the Maya) says that in that time the fourth, the patriarchal world era, began, the seed of the polarity was planted. The approach on the basis of the Calendar Round shows you your Soul-path and your potential and possibilities here on earth to be able to grow in this polarity. We call it your Sun-imprint. Your higher Self leads you via your Soul program through your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development, to resonate from your essential centre with the Heart of Mother Earth and the Hunab Ku, the heart of the Cosmos. The third leg of the triangle is the integration of both other paths and shows you your energetic path, back to the Source. We call it the Ascension-imprint. Consciousness has fully awakened in the realisation of unity. The separation has been surpassed. The unity of the polar forces frees the soul.

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